About Us

Uncover Red Deer

We are a partnership of The City of Red Deer, Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce, Red Deer Downtown Business Association, Tourism Red Deer, Red Deer Airport, Red Deer College, and Westerner Park.

Red Deer's Identity Narrative or Community Story

Red Deer is a centred city, uniquely connected.

Our promise is real balance. We work hard and make living easy. An active city rooted in an expansive park, here you’ll find balance like nowhere else. Step out your door and onto a nature trail. Step up the ladder and onto your path to prosperity. 

Our attitude is all in. We pitch in, we chime in and we’re all in, especially when it comes to building our community. We work together to make our city better.

Our legacy is our path. Our history is steeped in the character of inspired leaders who carved paths to the river’s edge — and built bridges over it. We’ve earned our reputation for entrepreneurialism. Innovation is in our DNA. 

Our possibility is welcoming. Our inclusive and diverse nature attracts those who appreciate a modern city that still retains its small town charm.

Why a narrative?

Every day we compete with other cities to attract residents, visitors, customers, students and new businesses. We want to set ourselves apart from other communities, and promote our city identity in a consistent way. An authentic community story is meant to instil civic pride in residents who feel connected to the story and feel proud to tell others about the community they call home.